31 Tips for 2016 – #7

Unknown-1Here is Tip #7 for Ministry Leaders in 2016…

Visit influential ministries.

We may sometimes feel like our organizations are the center of the universe. News flash… they aren’t. Worse, there is sometimes an undercurrent of unspoken competition, even between churches. This is one of the “dirty little secrets” of the church world. As it turns out, God is moving and working in and through people all around the world, maybe even close to home. 

Determine to get out there and draw from those who are reaching their communities for Christ in ways you may not be. Hint: They may or may not be “mega churches.” However, it is often helpful to gather from those who are impacting on a larger scale than you. Go with your team members to learn from how they do what they do, their processes and strategies, values and leadership flow. Target specific areas such as kid’s ministry, outreach, guest services and worship.

Want to really make this worth while? Contact the leadership well in advance. Tell them what you will be doing and ask for a “behind the scenes tour.” Take notes, pictures and then schedule a time to unpack together in an informal setting. Then, apply some of what you have learned going forward.

Regardless of how well you are leading and how many your are reaching for Christ, we can always do better, be better for His kingdom come where we live and serve.

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