Take A Break!

images-1You need a break. Your team needs a break. Your volunteers need a break.

God took a break. He even made it a law (Sabbath).

Jesus modeled this same concept, getting away to be with the Father to renew His soul and stay in step with His will time and again.

The question is, “How can we take breaks that add not only to our health, but to that of our volunteers and overall ministry?”

Practically speaking, how can we take advantage of the annual cultural realities of summer and Christmas breaks when a large portion of people take vacations and are a little bit “checked out” of church life?  

This is where the 5R Strategy can help you and your team take full advantage of taking a break!

Here are the nuts and bolts of the 5R Strategy:

REST- We all need it.

During this scheduled time leaders and teams should celebrate the fact that little to nothing is being done by anyone. Plan for it. Put it on the calendar. Get excited about it!

Call it a “power pause” or an “off-season.” All the best teams have one.

Note: Not everyone wants, needs or even can take a break. Some basic functions simply must go on. Be intentional about communicating with those serving these needs. How can they get a break and their function continue to… function? 

REVIEW – We all need a fresh perspective.

“If you’re always working in it, you can’t work on it.” (Andy Stanley)

It helps to get away in order to see things clearly and creatively. Do this both individually and as a team, preferably off-site. Take a close look and ask the tough questions that will lead to being and doing better in your area. Another word for this is RETHINK.

RECRUIT – We all need replacements and new recruits.

Some active positions will need filled, old positions removed and some new positions added. The 5-R Break will allow for this to be done in a thoughtful way. Who are you investing in? How are they learning and growing?

RETRAIN – We all need a refresher course.

Times change. Things change. Culture changes. We better change our methods accordingly. While staying true to timeless principles and our vision/values, we must meet the culture we are trying to reach and people we are trying to serve where they are at. And, these are moving targets!


RELAUNCH – We all need new beginnings.

Whether it’s like a “Grand Re-Opening” or a more simple, understated re-start, there’s just something good about beginning again that brings a sense of excitement and momentum to everyone!

There’s one more “R” to add that is central to all the others, RELATIONSHIP.

Healthy RELATIONSHIPS are at the center of great teams.

Not only should every strategic step in the strategy focus on this, but if there are unhealthy relationships, there is now a purposed time to “go there” and work it out. Are all relationships good? Then, use this time for some extra team bonding!

Last but not least is PRAYER! You simply cannot listen to and talk to the Lord enough as a normal part of daily life. This is somehow even more vital to this 5R Strategy. Nothing will take the place of being in step with the Holy Spirit and His unique leading for your life and the team culture you influence.

Do all teams need to go through each step during each break? No, probably not. However, most will need to focus on a few of the steps that will be strategic to their team health and success in their area of service before moving forward again with a sensed of renewed energy and direction.

 I’ll say it again, you need a break! And, so do your teams.

We all do. Be strategic and take full advantage of seasons, short and long, when you and your teams take one.

How can we help you make this a reality in your ministry or organization? Email us at peakpastors@gmail.com  We look forward to partnering with you in a weekend retreat or on-line consult!

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