PEAK Pastors

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What does it mean for pastors, their families and lead teams to live and lead healthy?

Peak Pastors is designed to equip and encourage local pastors, their families and lead teams – Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. (see below)

We do this through online Peak Summits (find us at, interactive coaching relationships, retreats, conferences, online Master Classes and more.

Check out our Core Values:

HEART – This is all about healthy relationships with our spouses and kids.

SOUL – This is all about the getting and staying healthy in our journey with Jesus.

MIND – This is all about learning and growing; staying teachable as a student of God’s Word, life and leadership.

STRENGTH – This is all about the physical well-being as a person and pastor.

How can we partner with you? Let’s get together soon to discover how Peak Pastors can partner with you to position the servant leaders in your life for optimal health and influence. Email us at: