imagesNow that you know who NOT to recruit, let’s cover who would make great team leaders or members.

The classic 4 C’s of calling, character, chemistry and competence remain a tried and true guide as you vet potential team members.

Set up an interview. It can be in an office setting. Or, better yet, maybe over coffee at a cafe or lunch at a local restaurant. Keep the relational value in mind as you cover the 4 C’s.

Calling – Each calling is as unique as each person you interview.

Ask the simple question, “How do you see the Lord using you in this position?” Follow up with something like, “Why do you feel drawn to this area of ministry?”

Simply wanting to help out somewhere is evidence of a great heart. However, your teams need more than that. You need people who feel some sense of calling to make a real difference in the lives of people your team serves.

Character – It counts. No amount or talent can make up for a lack of character.

Ask the simple question, “Are you living a Christ-like example in your private and public life? What is one area where you are tempted, struggle or hope to grow?”

These questions will be revealing. If someone is resistant, evasive, defensive or, worse, insist that they don’t really struggle with anything, that’s your cue to move on.

Chemistry – Having a team member that isn’t a team player will always lead to a team fail.

Ask the simple question, “Are you a team player? Tell me what that means to you.”

You might even consider offering a 90 day trial period as a rule of thumb. Sometimes people have everything the team needs… they just don’t “fit.”

Give permission for everyone to discern if the chemistry is “organic” and the new team member “clicks” well with the team. It’s okay if they don’t and is simply too important to take for granted. Who knows, there may just be a team waiting where they will be just the right fit!

When great chemistry exists, great things happen. When it doesn’t, they don’t.

Competence – Team members have to be able to do the job, or be trained to do so. If they are interviewing with you, you should already have a confidence in their basic ability to add to the team.

Ask the simple question, “What does it mean to be teachable? Are you? Give an example.” We all have plenty to learn from the Spirit, Word and one another!

Do you have a Leadership Covenant or other defining documents? Make sure to cover those while you are at it. HINT: Send them ahead of time to give them time to pray and process them well.

In the long run, your team members will combine with you to create the culture you will live and lead in as an organization AND that guests will very quickly gain a sense of.

Purpose to create a culture of Christ-centered, servant-oriented team players!

Find out more about gathering and growing your volunteer teams! Check out our series on Viral Volunteerism. Learn how to make your ministry culture more compelling for the right kind of leaders and team members!

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