Let’s do this! Before you know it, it’s time to relaunch for another season or session in your ministry area.

How do you do this well? Here are a few simple steps and friendly reminders as you Relaunch…

Set it! Set the the Relaunch date ASAP in the 5R Strategy process. Better yet, include these dates in your Annual Planning Calendar far in advance! Will your Relaunch coincide or maybe even conflict with another important event? It’s too important not to find out!

Start it! Start the 5R Strategy with the end, your Relaunch, in mind! What do you want it to look like? Define the WIN. Ask early on, “What will it mean for our Relaunch to be a huge success?” Will it be a “soft launch” that flies under the radar or will it be a “Strike up the band!” kind of day?

Shout it! People are busy. Don’t take for granted the need to get the word out in all of your media. Even better, practice the power of WOM! Nothing will ever replace the the buzz created by WORD OF MOUTH! Be intentional as a team in talking it up at every opportunity as the Relaunch approaches!

See it! Will your Relaunch be GUEST READY? What will the Relaunch look like from the perspective of those who have never experienced your church, let alone your specific ministry, before?

Apply it! Reviewing it isn’t enough. This is where you have to be purposeful about applying the things you discovered in your Review and practiced in your Retrain. It’s easy to fall back into old patterns. Don’t. APPLY IT!

Include them! Are all those you partnered with in the Recruit stage included in a meaningful way in the Relaunch? Increase your team influence by sharing it with new team members. Retrain with them and then be sure they are a strategic part of your Relaunch!

Celebrate it! This is one of the things that great churches and organizations do consistently. Celebrate the WIN and be sure to celebrate the volunteers and team leaders who made that win possible. Take pictures and video of your Relaunch and highlight people serving and loving people well on your teams! This is one of the most powerful ways to gain, grow and keep your momentum as a team. And, it’s just plain fun!

Review it! Grab that Review It sheet and make sure your team is looking for ways to improve, to make it better. Things look good on paper and may have even gone great in training, but what are some things that you just couldn’t anticipate until you went “live?” Ask your team, especially new team members who have “fresh eyes,” make a list and then make it better and better!

Need help getting the 5R Strategy into the DNA of your ministry or organization? Email us at peakpastors@gmail.com. Let’s talk about how a partnership with Peak Pastors can help you and your teams grow more effective in realizing your unique vision!

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