4 Reasons to Be Yourself

imagesHow has God uniquely called, wired and gifted you as a pastor or leader of His local church?

With everyone hosting their own sites and posting their latest and greatest moments on multiple online platforms, it’s easier than even to fall prey to the trap of comparison.

Worse, it’s easy to go from comparison to imitation.

While we can always learn more and more from one another, it is vital to remember that the Lord has made you, YOU, “for such a time as this.” Scroll down to find a link to discovering more about how God has wired you.

Here are 4 Reasons to Be Yourself as a leader.

You aren’t __________________ (insert name of leader).

Whoever you admire as a leader, from a fellow local church pastor to that internet famous, multi-site, mega pastor, you simply are not and cannot be them.

Trying to be what they are and do what they do and speak how they speak will only exhaust you. Besides, it won’t take long for others to figure out that you simply aren’t comfortable in your own skin. This insecurity quickly becomes a lid on your leadership and influence. To be blunt, it’s soul-crushing.

Your people don’t need another _______________ (insert name of leader).

Your team needs you, the real you with all of your gifts, your shortcomings, your successes and your scars. There is a reason the Lord has put you where you are, and it isn’t to imitate someone else. Be who you are.

You can be a better and better YOU!

You haven’t arrived just yet. There is room for all of us to continue growing as leaders. Yes, this may mean taking some cues from others, not to become like them, but to be a better you in Christ.

People love YOU!

No, not everyone does or will love you or appreciate your unique leadership or communication style. However, if you are leading well with a team you are committed to investing in, serving and growing with, then most will be glad to serve, grow, lead and follow the Spirit’s lead with you.

Want to dive deep and learn more about how God has wired you? Start with this podcast and then follow the links! https://careynieuwhof.com/episode241/

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