The best teams train and then re-train.

We can all use a refresher course and all have more to learn!

Consider these 4 Steps to Retrain Your Team.

Step 1: Review Your Vision and Values.

Your team is part of something bigger! Refocus everyone on the what is central to every member as all work towards the greater WIN!

What do you do if you don’t know what your Vision and Values are?

Let’s talk! Email us at peakpastors@gmail.com. Let’s set up a free 30 minute consult and then consider a partnership to walk your leadership and ministry through a season of discovering your unique Vision and Values!

Until then, check out the 5 Part Series on Values starting with https://peakpastors.blog/2018/10/01/values/

Step 2: Get back to basics.

Review your specific job/ministry role and function.

What do you do if you don’t have these written out in simple terms? Again, let’s talk! That free 30 minute consult is waiting for you. Email us and let’s talk about the area of ministry you need to focus on.

Step 3: How do we make it better?

This simple question, when asked consistently over time and answered in purposed action, will create the kind of culture that is attractive not only to the people you hope to serve, but the kind of leaders you want to be partnering with you in serving!

Answer this simple question, incorporate it into your job descriptions and then…

Step 4: Dress Rehearsal.

For you sports people out there, this looks like a blue/white scrimmage. For you entrepreneur business types, this may even be a “soft launch.”

Gather your team and walk through your experience as though it were actually happening.

In the case of a soft launch, it is happening, you simply let everyone know in advance what you are doing, offer some fun incentives/freebies, etc, and everybody wins!

I’ll say it again, the best teams train and re-train.

It’s part of who they are and are yet becoming and this get’s into the cultural DNA as a . What are they becoming? BETTER and more effective at what they do to contribute to the overall Vision and Values.

In the case of the local church, this means everything as, together, you seek to fulfill the Great Commission in your community for Jesus Christ!

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