3 Ways to Make Thanksgiving a Verb

imagesWe all know thanksgiving should be more than a day to gather with family and eat too much turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie only to drift off into a tryptophan induced coma. The truly grateful see it as a verb. When it comes to our churches, it is tempting for the entire holiday season to come down to a series of services that celebrate what we should be living out every day of our lives. So, let’s “talk turkey” about giving thanks (Sorry, couldn’t resist.).

Here are three simple suggestion for engaging your family, small group and/or congregation in making thanksgiving a verb…

1) “Thanksgiving Crash!” Set a specific date and challenge everyone to post about something or someone they are thankful to God for on your personal, family or church’s social media sites. The only people not happy about this one may be your Social Media Team if you succeed in the “Thanksgiving Crash!”

2) Thanksgiving Letter. Challenge everyone to write a letter expressing gratitude to someone who has played a major role and had a big influence on their lives for Christ. They can email it, message it, or… they might even take the time to write it, fold it, stamp and mail it. There is still something to having and holding documents of significance. And, a letter that says, “I thank God for you!” may just be that for someone in your life.

3) Thanksgiving Offering. Prepare a space in your home or a table (or multiple stations) in your worship center. Decorate it simply so the focus will be on the centerpiece… an empty “Horn of Plenty.” Then, create “My Thanksgiving Offering” cards that everyone can use to write something they are thankful to the Lord for and then place it in the “Horn of Plenty.” ThankOfferingCard Make it a goal for the horn and table to overflow with thanksgiving to God for His amazing grace and love.

This year, make Thanksgiving a verb as never before. Take your gratitude to a whole other level with these simple ideas. Have other ideas? Leave your suggestion in the comment section below!

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