4 Ways to Break Through Blogger’s Block

images-18Suffering from a classic case of writer’s block? Whether you are a blogger who can’t blog, poet who can’t rhyme, or pastor who can’t sermonize, here are 4 Ways to Break Through…

1) Keep writing. Sometimes you just have to push through and write when you are less than inspired. You never know when it is going to “click!”

One of my favorite encouragements by the Apostle Paul often comes to the rescue, “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” (Galatians 6:9, NLT)

2) Stop writing. On the other hand, don’t force it. Discern when you are about to go from blogger’s block to burnout. Step away from the keyboard, re-publish some of your more popular posts and take a much needed break.

3) Start Reading. Read great (old and new!) authors in your field and then, read who they are reading. Let their thought processes, creativity and good habits rub off as you continue to develop your own unique style and content.

4) Ask Others. You may not always be the source of your best material. The best artists rarely paint self-portraits! Ask those in your target audience what it is they are mildly interested in or wildly passionate about. Write about those things.

You don’t have to stay stuck. When I’m stuck… I usually just write about how to get un-stuck!

How do you un-block? Share your tips in the Reply section below…

5 Ways to Write More Now

images-11“I don’t have time to write, blog or post interesting stuff!” If this is you, then here at 5 Ways to Write More Now.

1) Determine to write more! It all starts with a commitment to the discipline that is writing. Find a friend who will hold you accountable to writing on a consistent basis. Set a specific and doable goal (3 blog posts a week, etc.) and stick to it.

Bonus tip: Write it down… now! Whether you use an iPad, iPhone or MacBook (I’m a Mac guy!), or you go old-school with post-its and the classic yellow notepad, write your brain-storm down when it is blowing a fresh wind of ideas. I recommend Evernote to help you organize (https://evernote.com/). Think its a bad idea? Write it down anyway!

2) Know your rhythms. When is your brain most active? In other words, are you a morning person or night owl? For me, it’s definitely morning. Seize the times when your creative juices flow best for your most important writing. Then, discipline yourself to write some when you aren’t exactly in your sweet spot.

3) Read more and better writers. Find those in your area of interest who have strong followings and have solid reputations and read their stuff. Study what they write about, how they write and post it. Need some help with this? I would recommend http://michaelhyatt.com/ for all your platform building needs. For pastors and ministry leaders, check out http://careynieuwhof.com/ for awesome content and presentation!

4) Do less useless stuff. Binge less on Netflix or watching sports. Spend less time on social media browsing the evening away. Instead… write! You might even take some of that time and take a course in writing either online or at your local community college. Great writers are eager learners!

5) Write more. It’s as simple as that. Discover what you are passionate about and write about it daily. Keep it in rough draft and unpublished form until you are ready to put it out there… but keep writing! Your content will increase in volume and in quality. Have others read and critique your writing along the way. Be sure some of them are in your target audience. From professional bloggers to friends and family, ask them to be honest and incorporate their advice.

Whether it’s blogging, journaling, online articles or that novel you’ve been dreaming about, follow these tips. What are you waiting for? Go… write!