Viral Volunteerism Part 3

Unknown-1Viral Volunteerism Part 3 – “Why should I?”

Who wouldn’t love to partner with more great volunteers? Getting and keeping them doesn’t just happen. You have to give great people a great reason to partner with you. Let’s get more specific about this by answering a simple question from the perspective of the volunteer… “Why should I?”

1) Answer the “why?” first. Don’t just show them the need, give them the reason. Paint the picture for them of what their effort means to the the need at hand and, more importantly, the people involved. Show and tell people how their involvement will make a real difference.

2) Crunch the numbers of the need. The more specific, the better. How many people are being affected? How long has the need existed? Where is “ground central?” What will the stats be in 3 or 5 years if nothing is done about it?

3) Set a clear goal. You may not be able to meet all of the need. However, what is your part as a church or organization? Again, be specific with your goal. How much money do you hope to raise? How many homeless care packets do you hope to make?

4) They need to “see it!” in person or at least video (or both). This is all about painting the picture of the “Why?” for those you hope to engage in the effort. Find those gifted at this and enlist their services from your hard-copy literature to your on-line presence, be sure to promote with honesty (don’t oversell it… people will see through this!), excellence and consistency.

 5) Finally, remember that information is inspiration! Consider using some type of graphic that tracks the giving or effort toward the goal and keep it updated. Don’t wait until the end to thank people for their investment of time, resources or money. Thank them for every step achieved towards the clear goal and then… celebrate the win!

Great volunteers will more often respond to a clear call for a worthy cause. Your job as a leader is to give them the reason why they should!

Need help discovering the “Why?” of your next effort or for your overall ministry or organization? Respond below with your contact information and let’s talk about how we can partner to take your volunteerism viral!

Leading Culture On It’s Own Terms


“Trails are managed as part of

the natural environment.

Visitors must be prepared to

meet and accept nature on it’s

own terms.” 

I passed this sign countless times along an all too familiar trail, but never really read it. For some reason it stopped me in my tracks this time and its message was as clear as it was challenging.

Here are four simple takeaways for us as leaders of any organization, especially churches.

1 – “Trails are managed…”

Things aren’t just going to get better because you’ve showed up. You and your team will have to pray, process, plan, and get it done with perseverance for there to be lasting change and preferred outcomes along the way. Own it. It’s your trail… for the moment.

2 – “…as part of the natural


How you find the environment of the organization you are leading is only natural. No one said it was optimal, just a natural part of life and leadership in a broken world. Don’t take it personal and simply take personal responsibility for what your organization is and will become.

3 –  “Visitors must be prepared…”

We must be aware and prepared for the fact that we are stewards, not owners. We are the “visitors.” Even if you planted the church or started the business, someone else will replace you. Let this humble you and challenge you to be prepared day in and day out. The very trail this sign is on was once Native American tribal land, then a regional center of colonial life, then a thriving resort, now a national landmark known as Fort Boonesborough.

4 – “…to meet and accept nature

on it’s own terms.”

It’s time to do this in your organization and to keep doing this daily as it evolves and grows through the natural cycles of all organizations. You will vision, work, grow, plateau, decline and eventually die unless you continually and creatively (stubbornly) face new realities, embrace change, and reinvent all while holding fast to the bedrock principles that guide you. For most of us… this means the timeless Gospel of Jesus communicated in ever changing ways.

How is your church or business really doing?

Don’t just pass the signs that

are right in front of you.

Stop. Read them. Realize that how you apply their guidance and where this trail leads you and your organization is yours to steward for a season. Start by accepting the realities of the culture you serve in on its own terms.

7 Traits of Awesome Administrative Professionals!


I’ve been blessed to learn from and work with some amazing Administrative Professionals! Let’s face it, they really run the place and everyone knows it. I hope you will take the time to celebrate those who serve your ministry or business so faithfully.

Here are 7 Traits of Awesome Administrative Professionals. 

1) Encouraging Attitudes! They aren’t perfect. They are real people with real struggles. Yet, they daily show most of us how to keep our sunny side up and check our attitudes at the door.

2) Excellent Proofer! They don’t merely correct poor spelling and grammar, but insist on a high level of excellence in everything that goes out of the office. “The genius is in the details,” and that they are.

3) Master Planner! They are the keepers of the calendar. They keep everyone aware of what’s coming up and prepared in advance for that meeting or event. They also guard the time of and time off of staff, often running “interference” when people try to monopolize or introduce “busy work.”

4) In the know! They are the “eyes and ears” of the office. They set a great example of what it means to be good listeners, paying attention to the little details in the lives of people in and around a ministry or business.

5) Like Fort Knox! In other words, they know how to keep a secret when sensitive information is being shared or overheard (which is almost daily).

6) Loves my family! They have a real understanding of the pressures, not only the leader, but on their spouse and kids. They make it a point to celebrate the wins and mourn the losses of the whole family.

7) Patient Teachers! They have a way of putting up with with leaders when, the truth is, they are more than a little in the way. They not only show them the ropes around an office, but so often set amazing examples in the patient and caring way they interact with people. They often possess that rare combination of authenticity, grace and professionalism.

Bonus Trait… They know how to pray! I couldn’t be more grateful that the Administrative Professionals I have worked with have also had strong prayer lives. They intercede for staff and others with sincere faith in God. I love the way one such professional prays each and every day… “Lord, I thank you that you are God, and that you are God all by yourself!” (Thanks, “Miss Mary!”) 

What traits would you add? Share your thoughts below in the Reply section…