Pack Light, Pack Right 3

Pack Light, Pack Right 3 – The Pastor’s Mind

I’ve got so much to learn.

The longer I have lived and led the more I realize that I don’t often even know the things I don’t know. You know?

Great leaders have always championed learning. Check out some of the suggested learning leader resources below for a few examples to help stretch you! (You don’t have to agree with everyone. But, you would be amiss not to learn from them.)

Rick Warren put it this way…

“All leaders are learners. The

moment you stop learning, you

stop leading.”

Here are a couple of his very challenging TEDx Talks hosted in Orange County, California – and

Leaders are learners. You know this.

Peak Pastors is dedicating to helping

you DO this, to learn to learn.

So, let’s learn from one another! Let’s question and challenge and spur and resource one another on to be stewards of the gray matter God has loaned to us.

Here are three of the podcasts I have been listening to recently. I love these because they interview leaders who learn from leaders!

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The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast –

Ask NT Wright Anything Podcast –

Unbelievable Podcast with Justin Brierley –

Share some of your go-to learners below!

How to be a BIG Church

Unknown-12I Love BIG Churches – Part 4

How to be a BIG Church!

Bigger is always better when it comes to some things… but we aren’t talking about mere numbers. Regardless of the size of your ministry and the greater demographic you are hoping to influence, here are some ways you can go BIG for Christ.

5 Ways to be a BIG Church…

1) BIG prayer. You can be certain of this, “Whenever God determines to do a great work, He first sets His people to pray!” (Charles Spurgeon) Fast and pray together in increasingly creative ways… 24hr prayer summits, days of fasting, scripture praying, prayer walls, stations and more. Simply put, you and your ministry family cannot pray enough as you align yourself with God’s unique purpose for you!

2) BIG worship. It doesn’t have to be a large venue or a long service to worship well and dive deep together into the Word of God. Make your times of gathering as a congregation a priority not only for you, but for those neighbors and friends you are inviting to join you. Give your best and make it all about Jesus!

3) BIG service. Who are you partnering with in your community to meet needs and be the hands and feet of Jesus? From a local school’s tutoring program to a homeless shelter, from a foster parenting group to a ministry fighting human trafficking, there are people with a heart for service you can partner with in your sphere of influence!

4) BIG giving. Don’t be afraid to inspire and inform often about the importance of tithes and offerings. Why? Because of the partnership potential it brings to the Kingdom of Christ. Keep the motivations before your people… from missionaries abroad to local and regional ministries, remind often that giving makes it go as God multiplies it for His glory!

5) BIG love. “Love one another.” The most influential thing any church has going for them is their capacity to love each other. People are attracted to people who genuinely care for one another, in spite of faults, failures and sins. Through small groups gathering often to simply being there for each other on a daily basis… leave no doubt in your communities mind that you are love by God and love one another in a BIG, BIG way!

Be BIG and go BIGGER and BIGGER in the ways that truly matter. The numbers will take care of themselves as people come to Jesus and you grow disciples who make disciples!

Here’s a BIG BONUS for small/medium sized churches… check out Breaking 200 Without Breaking You by Carrie Nieuwhof.

31 Ministry Tips for 2016 – #19

Unknown-1Here is Tip #19 for for Ministry Leaders in 2016…

“Get the Message” 

Just because your saying it doesn’t mean your audience is getting it. Whether for a sermon, teaching or leadership training, use this simple Get The Message pdf guide, designed from the perspective of your audience, to help them “get the message” you are sending.

Answer these simple questions for greater clarity and impact…

Main Text: What does God’s Word say about it? Don’t lose sight of the eternal truth of the Gospel in the midst of your all too clever anecdotes and/or “real, relaxed and relevant” delivery. (I just threw up a little in my throat… more on this in another tip). Settle on one key Biblical narrative or even singular verse and go deep!

“What’s the point?” Can someone leave and say, “Yeah, the point was…” While you may approach the subject from multiple angles and people always listen from their own unique perspective, make sure there is a focused point your audience can leave with.


“How does this change me?” What effect will applying the point of your message or teaching have on people? Did you spell this out in a simple and creative way? Sure, the Lord speaks to individuals in unique ways. However, be clear about how God often uses the lesson in the lives of His people.

“What should I do about it?” Nothing is more frustrating (and likely to discourage return guests) than having a lot of good information that is mostly good for nothing. Did you offer real-world ways people can apply it to their lives and put it into practice? The Gospel is nothing if it isn’t personal and miraculously practical.

“Did you hear the one about…?” People like stories. It doesn’t always have to be about you, either. Jesus was the master story-teller, making the point in parables and stories that captivated, comforted, convicted and compelled. Someone said it well, “People may not remember what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Remember, stories move emotions and emotions move people.

Quotable Quote. “Have I heard this before?” Don’t be afraid to find out. These days, your audience can ask “Siri,” or Google it almost as fast as you can say it. Someone else has probably already said it… and likely even better. Do your research to discover what insights others have already had into the subject at hand. I made a promise on behalf of the people I am privileged to share God’s Word with week-in/week-out… “I will borrow only the best material!”

How are you helping your audiences “get the message?” Share your insights in the discussion thread!


5 Ways to Encourage Educators

imagesWe all have a teacher, coach, bus-driver, librarian, administrator or other educator who has played a vital role in us becoming who we are. Now, they are playing these roles on behalf of our own kids and grandkids! Let’s pay this forward by practicing… 

5 Ways to Encourage Educators in Your Life

Pray for them daily. Who couldn’t use more prayer. Remember, they face the same stuff of life as you. Pray the Lord blesses and strengthens them for their task. 

Encourage them often. Don’t assume they know how much they mean to you as they mold the very lives of your kids! Let them know… often.

Be kind in your critique. Take the tone and choose the words you would prefer they use if evaluating your parenting skills. 

Be generous at holidays (or anytime “just because.”) Educators aren’t in it for the money. Give them a restaurant gift card, gas card, movie card… or get together with other parents to buy them a new iPad, send them on a paid weekend away at the destination of their choice. Why not? When they are at their best, so will your kids!

Be grateful for their influence on our kids! They are investing in life molding moments with your kids. Think of even more ways you can help them do the job and fulfill the call they have assumed.  


How do you honor the educators in your life? Share your suggestions in the Reply section below…