Lead Like There Is No IT

“If we could just find it, then we could really turn this thing around!”

We’ve all wished this.

Maybe we’ve even dropped everything and focused on finding it or pulling it off in hopes that it will be the thing that helps us break through and take things to the next level. 

Here’s a reality check for all of us, there is no it.

Here are 4 ways to Lead Like There Is No IT.

1) Get it out of your own head.

Life and leadership are a process.

The process is a partnership of stubborn love, faith, hope, vision, values, hard work, risk, passion, perseverance and more, all wrapped up in the amazing grace of the Lord. 

2) Stop saying it. 

Be careful over-promising and under-delivering when it comes to that “next big thing” you’ve got going.

By all means, plan, pray and promote it with enthusiasm. However, be careful not to give the impression that any one event or initiative will make or break your vision. This is rarely the case.

On the other hand…

3) Get passionate about it. 

If you understand that the process is “where it’s at,” then embrace the process with great excitement.

Enjoy the journey and celebrate the little wins along the way with others. Talk about your ongoing goals, your mistakes and outright blunders, as well as areas you hope to grow in together over the next quarter or year.

4) Find another and another it.

Always be planning on and for something that will help you BE better as Christ followers and as a team.

As John Maxwell has challenged, “Leaders see first and see farther.”  

The real it is the culture that you are creating through the lives you and your team are transforming.

For church leaders this is all about making disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ, and this is anything but a “one and done” proposition. It is a patient process of learning, growing, believing, trying, failing, resting, trying again, and again and again with grace.

Whatever you thought it was or is… lead like there is no it.

For a great look at “IT,” check out IT by Craig Groeschel.

What are your thoughts? How do you embrace the process as a leader? Share your thoughts below!


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