How to Beat March Madness: Part 3


How do you avoid the craziness that can be the run-up to the “Big Dance” that are Palm & Easter Sundays?

Here’s Tip #3: Pace.

We think we are getting more done by speeding ourselves and everything else up the closer and closer we get to a big event. Interestingly enough, the opposite often comes true.

Quick bursts of energy where we “get it done” are part of most of our rhythms in life. However, trying to sustain this over days, weeks, and even months can begin to take a toll on our health, team morale, kill our creativity and turn into the “grind” that no one thrives in.

Great teams understand that playing at your pace (often frustrating the players and pace of the other teams!) is fundamental to playing at our best as a team.

This is no excuse for living and leading in a passive and reactive way.

However, it is crazy to think that living a “run and gun” pace will do anything but lead to burnout. When this happens, everybody feels the loss.

Check out a couple of great resources to help you find your rhythm… Soul Keeping was and is a “game changer” for me when it comes to guarding and growing my soul in Christ. Sacred Pace is also a great story that will help bring much needed perspective to most of us.

Steady on. Find a pace that is fueled by prayer and a passion for the unique mission God has given to you and your lead team.

Do you have any “go-to” resources on this subject? Let others know by commenting in the Discussion thread!

Praying for you, pastor.


  1. One of the most practical ways to utilize “pace” in the real world of ministry is to make a plan for how you’re going to spend your time. This is how we tell our schedule what we’re doing instead of the other way around. Take some time today to visit your calendar. Make a plan for today, maybe even the whole week. Do it again next Monday. And the next. Soon you’ll have a rhythm.

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