Great Churches Part 5

download-1Great Churches Celebrate!

Great churches aren’t all business. They know how to have fun, and often! Here are a few reasons and ways to create a culture of celebration in your church or organization…

Celebrate others. What is happening in your community that you can recognize, even help to promote? A local small business opening? Who is working hard to add value in your community? Buy lunch for the local Fire or Police Department with handmade signs by your Children’s Ministry. 

If it matters to your community it should matter to you and is worth celebrating! 

Celebrate WINS! It’s amazing how many churches will accomplish something significant and hardly go beyond mentioning it on Sunday followed by some applause. WINS are hard to come by in life these days and “bad news” dominates the internet and airwaves. This is all the more reason to use every medium available to make a big deal out of even small victories!

How can you do this? Create videos, slides, interviews, whatever it takes to briefly tell the story of how the win came about and especially the people who made it possible! Speaking of which…

Celebrate people! Recognizing people on a consistent basis has a way of creating a contagious culture and is no small part of encouraging volunteers to invest even more in your vision! The same can be said of your paid staff and pastors. This might be done on social media, in a meeting, over lunch or in your weekend gathering. All of these can be used to create a culture of celebration. 

It’s easy to take one another for granted.

However, purposing to recognize the value and contributions of the people on mission with you will keep this from happening and may just prove to be a whole lot of fun!   

Most of all, great churches celebrate Jesus! The worship experience itself is seen as a celebration of God where people are active participants in His praise, in giving and interactive teaching of His Word. Recognize Jesus as the central reason we can celebrate salvations and baptisms, meeting a goal, baby dedications, engagements, 50 year anniversaries and so much more.

Churches that celebrate have a “buzz” about them as they make much of Jesus and the transformation He is working in the lives of real people!

Need some help jump starting your culture of celebration? Email us a and let’s talk about a weekend conference for your team to get moving in the right direction!

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