VALUES: Part 1

imagesThe concept of organizational values has been a “hot topic” for more than a decade in leadership circles.

If you are a church or non-profit organization leader, I hope you have already done the hard work of choosing values and are purposing and promoting them on a daily basis. If you aren’t, this is for you. If you have them but they have long-since become “white noise” on a website or in a worship folder, this is especially for you!

The next several posts are dedicated to helping you and your team process, purpose, present and promote your values.

Let’s get started at a very fundamental level with three simple points…

  1. Your organization has values. You may or may not know what they are, but they are there. They may or may not be stated, but they are there.
  2. Your values are constantly working to create the culture you and your team presently lead and live in. Both your guests and members (customers) are experiencing them and even adding to or taking away from them… and this is either moving you closer to or farther away from realizing your vision.
  3. If you aren’t the ones creating or recreating your values as a lead team, someone else is. Count on it. Take ownership of this and do something about it.

Join me in the next post about what an organizational value is… and isn’t!

Do you need someone to help you discover your values and then infuse them into your church or organization? I would love to come alongside you to see this become a reality! Email me at



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