31 Ministry Tips for 2016 – #21

Here is Tip #21 for Ministry Leaders in 2016…

Live and lead >.

Purpose to partner in something bigger than your team and vision. This may have nothing to do with advancing your agenda. Maybe it’s a partnership with a local charity or school, neighborhood association, serving at a homeless shelter, supporting foreign missionaries or getting away for service projects at a kid’s camp. Here are 4 Things Leading “Greater Than” will do for your lead team…

> Helps others. Again, this won’t move your mission forward but just might for someone else. The value added is in living and giving more like Christ… meeting people at the point, place and time of their need. That’s it. That’s enough.

> Lends perspective. We all need a “reality check.” Sometimes we just get caught up in our own little worlds. Getting away has a way of helping us see our agendas for what they may have become… small, even petty. For example, going with our youth ministry and leadership team to live and work on an Amish farm for 2-3 days. Wow… this is highly recommended! Up while dark and gladly in bed at sundown, these people know the meaning of honest labor. And, let’s just say that drinking farm-fresh milk has a whole new meaning.

> Sparks creativity. Seeing how other people live and lead can create “Aha!” moments.  Simply put, others may be doing it better! Be intentional about looking for these “Aha!” moments and then unpacking them when you get back to the reality of your own world. What did we learn and how does it apply? We need reminded that living and leading only for our visions is not God’s vision for us.

> Encourages unity. The shared experience can both expose a lack of “team spirit” as well as foster it. When we are out of our element we need one another, are sometimes forced to rely on one another in ways we may have gotten out of the habit of doing. Re-ignite the need for and genius of teamwork by getting out of your comfort zones, together.

I often remind my team of the “secret to happiness” that Jesus ultimately modeled through His life, death and resurrection… “Get over yourself and start giving yourself.” 

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