31 Ministry Tips for 2016 – #19

Unknown-1Here is Tip #19 for for Ministry Leaders in 2016…

“Get the Message” 

Just because your saying it doesn’t mean your audience is getting it. Whether for a sermon, teaching or leadership training, use this simple Get The Message pdf guide, designed from the perspective of your audience, to help them “get the message” you are sending.

Answer these simple questions for greater clarity and impact…

Main Text: What does God’s Word say about it? Don’t lose sight of the eternal truth of the Gospel in the midst of your all too clever anecdotes and/or “real, relaxed and relevant” delivery. (I just threw up a little in my throat… more on this in another tip). Settle on one key Biblical narrative or even singular verse and go deep!

“What’s the point?” Can someone leave and say, “Yeah, the point was…” While you may approach the subject from multiple angles and people always listen from their own unique perspective, make sure there is a focused point your audience can leave with.


“How does this change me?” What effect will applying the point of your message or teaching have on people? Did you spell this out in a simple and creative way? Sure, the Lord speaks to individuals in unique ways. However, be clear about how God often uses the lesson in the lives of His people.

“What should I do about it?” Nothing is more frustrating (and likely to discourage return guests) than having a lot of good information that is mostly good for nothing. Did you offer real-world ways people can apply it to their lives and put it into practice? The Gospel is nothing if it isn’t personal and miraculously practical.

“Did you hear the one about…?” People like stories. It doesn’t always have to be about you, either. Jesus was the master story-teller, making the point in parables and stories that captivated, comforted, convicted and compelled. Someone said it well, “People may not remember what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Remember, stories move emotions and emotions move people.

Quotable Quote. “Have I heard this before?” Don’t be afraid to find out. These days, your audience can ask “Siri,” or Google it almost as fast as you can say it. Someone else has probably already said it… and likely even better. Do your research to discover what insights others have already had into the subject at hand. I made a promise on behalf of the people I am privileged to share God’s Word with week-in/week-out… “I will borrow only the best material!”

How are you helping your audiences “get the message?” Share your insights in the discussion thread!


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