31 Tips for 2016 – #15

Unknown-1Here is Tip #15 for 2016…

Lead with attitude.

Everyone has an attitude. What’s yours as a leader? John Maxwell reminds us that, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” How are you piloting your organization and team as a leader?

Old-school planes have an attitude indicator (layman’s terms). It’s simple… the horizon is the horizontal line. When your plane’s nose is pointed above this line you go up, when it is pointed below it, you go down. Known as your “pitch,” this is as simple as it is mission critical.

UnknownThe power of a negative attitude to bring about a nose-down trajectory should not be underestimated. You don’t have to be a pilot to know that unless going in for a smooth landing, if your plane’s nose is pointed down, this will end bad for you and those unfortunate enough to by flying with you. On the positive side… the power of a positive attitude to chart a soaring, nose-up trajectory cannot be overestimated. You and those on board with you will reach greater heights and fly farther than you ever thought possible!

How do you know if you are leading with a nose-up attitude? Here’s a simple test… ask yourself and then others on your team (or, better yet, in your family) if your presence makes a positive difference when you walk in the room. Do people say, “Good, Mary is here… it’s going to be alright!” Or… “Oh, it’s just Mary. Did you hear what happened?” The accumulative spirit you take with you into every situation will add up to determine whether or not your presence brings a positive or negative influence. It may be time for an attitude adjustment.

While your decisions ultimately determine your direction, your attitude plays a huge role in determining HOW you get where your going. I find myself needing to revisit this truth daily.

It’s time to grab the stick and get your nose-up as a leader. Determine to think, speak and act, in the face of the toughest storms, with faith, expectation and hope. Chart a trajectory that doesn’t deny nor avoid the storms we all face. Rather, with a nose-up attitude, plot a course that will eventually see your climb right through and then above them, taking everyone on your team flying high with you.


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