31 Tips for 2016 – #12

Unknown-1Here is Tip #12 for Ministry Leaders in 2016…

Be you. This tip is especially for those just getting started in their leadership journey.

My dad’s preaching style has always been didactic, the teacher, and that’s the style I knew was for me. My father-in-law has always been more the evangelist. Hard-driving sermons that plead people to the altar. After a few years under his ministry, I found my style moving more in this direction. Then came leaders like Bill Hybels, then Andy Stanley, then… you get the picture. With each style of speaker and leader I would find myself more than gleaning from the substance of their message, I was “borrowing” a little from their style.  While there is much to be learned from the message and methods of leaders like these, you simply aren’t called to be them. 

Find your voice. Develop your own style. Yes, by all means, listen and learn from some of the best. However, be who God has made you to be. Sure, we should always keep our audience in mind… how they learn, the language they speak. But never let any of this keep you from being, leading and speaking just like you. Why?

Authenticity. My son has been big on this as he has found himself now also in a long line of Christian leaders in his own right. He has taught me (among many things) that his generation can smell a “poser” from a mile away. Hint: If you can remember when Star Wars came out the first time, skinny jeans are not for you… anywhere, anytime. Just don’t. What resonates with people on a deeper level is being genuine about who you and whose you are in Christ, and leading from that simple place of security in Him.

Be you. Not sure who that is yet? Take the time to pray about it. Get alone and get away to discover it. Ask others who will have the guts to hold you accountable and tell you when you trying too hard to be anything or anyone else other than who God made you to be.

The Lord and this world doesn’t need another Francis Chan or Steven Furtick. It needs you.


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