Making Wise Decisions

images-17Have a BIG decision to make as a team? Remember this, making wise decisions comes from asking wise questions.

Here are 3 simple but vital questions to ask first and answer before you pull the trigger…

1) Is this the right thing? Be honest with yourself, the Lord and your team. “Why are we doing this?” Do you truly believe this is the right thing to do for the overall health and to forward the vision of your church or organization? How do you know?

Here are 3 Tests…

Does it align with God’s Word? This is your #1 concern to discern. For example, how will the direction you choose position you to make disciples?

What has wise counsel said? Agree together to get some outside advice from those who have “been there, done that.”

Who will this help and who will this hurt? This isn’t an option. Make an honest assessment of who will will and won’t be likely to follow your lead and what that might mean going forward. Then, do the right thing, anyway.

2) Is this the right time? Consider Joseph and the “Store to Pour” Principle…

When faced with famine, Joseph had a decision to make. Is this the time to store it up or pour it on by faith? How does this inform your decision-making as a leader?

3) Will I love and lead people through it? There is no “cruise control” on this ride. It is your job to lead well start to finish. Be prepared to listen well, answer questions, and be sensitive to all those who will be adjusting to this new direction. You may just be surprised… some you thought would get behind it won’t and some you thought wouldn’t, will.

What questions would you add to help inform and inspire an active faith in you and your team? Share your insights in the discussion thread below…

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