Giveaway Leadership

imgres-3What does it look like to increase influence for Christ by giving away more and more and more as a leader?
Could it be that one of the biggest changes that needs made concerns the level of our own generosity? Here are 5 Giveaways of Good Leaders…

1) Give away control. Let’s face it. This scares us. But only to the extent of our own insecurities and at the expense of our influence for Jesus. With grace as long as standards are high, give gifted and called individuals the opportunity to gather and lead great teams… to fail and succeed greatly while learning valuable lessons along the way.

2) Give away credit. Give God the glory and others the credit for the wins you are experiencing. Be selfish with the responsibility and even the blame when they aren’t. This is hard and takes a humility fueled by daily intimacy and affinity with Jesus.

3) Give away experience. Be generous not only with what you have gained from your experiences, but seek opportunities to provide others, especially young people, new and challenging experiences. These will mold their character and expand their imaginations concerning what God can do in and through them!

4) Give away attention. Yes, your time is limited. However, give people not only your time, but your undivided attention. Lean into the conversation, ask good questions and make it all about them at every turn.

5) Give away resources. This is all about equipping others. How can you encourage team leaders and members through training opportunities and the latest in tools for the trades they are working in?

John the Apostle summarized the spirit and posture of a giveaway leader, “He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30, NIV) 

What giveaways can you share? Give them away in the Reply section below…

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