Small Church BIG Change – Where to Begin?

images-14Are you a small church leader dreaming of BIG influence for Christ in your community? What does it take to make the changes needed to increase your impact? Many pastors and lay leaders share this same deep desire along with an overwhelming sense of, “Where do we begin?”

Here are 5 Ways to Lead Small Church BIG Change… 

1) Pray. I know, you’ve been praying! But, could you pray “better?” Gather your family and lead team to pray specifically for open minds and willing hands as the Spirit leads change over the long haul. Then, engage your congregation in strategic prayer throughout. Look for the “Small Church BIG Change Prayer Strategy” coming soon.

2) Probe. You need to dig deep by asking tough questions like… “Am I the only one who wants this?” If not, who else shares your desire? “Why do we want this? What do we want to become? Who do we hope to reach? Is pride driving your desire or is the Great Commission your true driving force?What’s been tried (and died) before?” Don’t underestimate the felt-needs and baggage tied to this. “Who and what are we prepared to lose to reach the unreached?” Make no mistake, this will happen. Change forces it. Transformation requires it.

WARNING: IF EVERYONE HAS TO AGREE AND EVERYONE MUST GO WITH YOU… STOP BEFORE YOU START. Watch for the upcoming post, “Why Everyone Isn’t Going With You.”

3) Plan (& prioritize). What needs changed? Who needs changed? You may feel like the answer is “Everyone and everything!” However, healthy change must begin in the right people, in the right areas, in the right ways and at the right pace. I look forward to helping you prioritize through the “Small Church BIG Change Priorities” and “The New Normal” posts coming soon.

4) Promote. Whether you are a leader led ministry where no votes are needed, or a traditionally structured church where everyone has a voice (and a vote), you can’t communicate too well or too often. Gather creative minds to help you harness a multi-platform media strategy for getting the latest word out.

5) Protect. Determine to protect the health of your family and lead team. Encourage your membership to do the same. This will be an emotional journey full of extremes… loss & gain, joy & sorrow, harmony & dissonance, sudden stops, fast starts, slow going, innovation, celebration and more!

WARNING: DON’T SACRIFICE YOUR FAMILY ON THE ALTAR OF THE CHURCH. Look for “Growing Your Family Through Church Change!” post coming soon.

How can I help you with Small Church BIG Change? Contact me at to consider how we can partner in transformation and see your ministry partner in the Great Commission like never before! Have a great “Small Church BIG Change” story? Share it with me as I collect stories of transformation to encourage others!

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