Monday Mindset – “Play ball!”

images-12How do you gather your team and get the week started right?

Often, I send out an email to my lead team on Mondays. It has gone by numerous titles… “Monday Memo,” “Game Plan,” “Ministry Moment,” and most often with a brief Scriptural thought and/or “Leader Lesson” tucked in for good measure. Especially for those who’s staff are bi-vocational or volunteer based, this can be a great way to accomplish several important things.

Consider 7 Things a Monday Memo can do for you!

1) Help you Plan. What needs done? No, your day or week won’t go exactly as planned. However, “Flying by the seat of your pants!” isn’t exactly a long-term winning strategy, either. Also, doing a “To Do” list and keeping it to yourself is like taking the field with only one player. So, gather the whole team around the game plan and “Play ball!”

2) Help you Focus around Priorities. Don’t just get things done, get the right things done. Who do you need to connect with? What needs done so that team members can be released to do what they do?

3) Help you Promote the Vision. You can’t cast your vision loud or long enough. Highlight a value that will promote the greater vision of your ministry or organization.

4) Help you Crunch the Numbers. What’s the score? Where are you in relation to the hard numbers that tell the tale? More times than not, those that bristle against counting the numbers simply don’t like what they reveal about them and their level of productivity (or lack thereof).

5) Help you Celebrate a Win! What has your team done well? Who can you give an “Atta boy!” to? Seize the moment to give a “round of applause” to someone who has modeled a value or simply served with excellence. Create a culture of celebration and increase moral… especially on a Monday!

6) Help you Teach a Truth. What short and simple truth or principle can you remind yourself and your team of? Leaders are life-time learners. Don’t miss this moment to “coach ’em up” as a team!

7) Help you Encourage! Every great team has a pre-game “pep talk!” The great coaches know that speaking to the awesome worth and incredible potential in each team member is HUGE! People will play far above their skill level if they believe that you believe in them… win or lose.

We are reminded by the Apostle Paul about this vital role of leadership in his memo to the church leaders in Thessalonica, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just a in fact you are doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11, NIV)

How would you use a Monday Memo to position your team for the day and week ahead? Share your thoughts in the Reply section!

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