What Pastors Think While Preaching

images-2Ever wonder what your pastor thinks while preaching? Keeping in mind that your pastors are just people, here’s a lighter look at what might be going through their minds.

Top 10 things pastors think while preaching…

1) I hope I pronounce, “Jaareoregim,” right.

2) Wonder what they fought about on the way here?

3) Wow. Thought that was a killer line. (crickets)

4) He’s asleep already? 

5) I’m pretending not to hear that phone ringing… again.

6) Okay, that made no sense! Where was I?

7) Hey, they’re new. (Last Sunday was so much better... shoot!

8) I knew I should have gone before I got up here.

9) I hope the tech team can edit that out.

10) Even I’m bored! How do I land this plane?

Those are a few of the less-than-spiritual thoughts I’ve had over the years! How about you? What goes through your mind while speaking? If you aren’t a preacher, what are you thinking while your pastor is speaking?  Share your thoughts in the Reply section below…

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