Connect 1 – 2 – 3


We live in an increasingly “wireless” age. We are less and less tethered to chords and tied to wires as technology advances at a rapid rate. However, one reality remains… we just have to stay connected. Take a look around you. People are texting, messaging and calling other people from their phones, tablets and laptops. When they aren’t they are usually looking for a plug to power-up so they can stay connected with family, friends, co-workers and clients. We can’t stand it when we don’t have access to wi-fi! I guess you could say that this is how God has “wired” us?

When it comes to our churches, what does it mean to connect with others, with those yet to become followers of Jesus? Most of us have heard the old slogan, “Each one, reach one.” The problem has always been that this is as vague as it is catchy. Let’s face it, much of our programming is. But what does it mean to really reach someone? Where do you even begin?

Check out the attached Connect123. This piece is designed to help you be intentional in three ways…

1 – Connect with one person you have yet to really know.

2 – Re-connect with two people you know you’ve needed to.

3 – Encourage 3 people that just need it! (and to be on the lookout for that unexpected “Divine appointment!”)

Jesus was the Master at connectivity. It didn’t matter who, where, when and how. He was always meeting with someone and connecting with them right where they were. Isn’t this why he came? Jesus came to re-connect us with God the Father through His life, death and resurrection. Along the way He modeled for us what it looks like to get beyond ourselves and our cultural borders in order to reach those yet unreached with His grace and truth…. fisherman, tax collectors and doctors, the “Woman at the well,” “Blind Bartamaeus,” Nicodemus, people of power and prominence and the unknowns, unwanted and so many more. He showed us how to connect with people at the point of their hurts, failures, sins and needs… the real stuff of life.

It’s time to connect. Is it scary? Yes. Will we have all the answers? No. Whatever we do, we can’t let anything stop us from connecting with others so they can get connected with Jesus.

Take the Connect123 sheet and feel free to make it your own. Tweak it to work for you and your leadership team, small group or congregation. Challenge one another to take Jesus’ example and make connectivity a lifestyle. After all, someone connected with you.

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