How to finish it.

imgres-3I don’t know what “it” is for you. Maybe it’s that book you started writing, that blog site you were creating, that desk you were refinishing, or that proposal you were developing.

Whatever “it” is… now it’s hanging over you like a dark cloud. That unfinished feeling stays with you and, even when you manage to drown out its voice in the busyness of business, it haunts you in the still of the night. You aren’t alone… I’ve been a professional procrastinator all too often.

No more. It’s time to finish. You can do it. Here’s how…

1 – Get it out. Pick it up. Dust it off. Download it, again. Put it front and center where it stares you right in the face and dares you to try and ignore it.

Do you have trouble even starting because you are afraid you can’t finish?

“Give yourself the gift of done!” (Jon Acuff)

Here’s a great resource to help you get started and then finish strong! It’s a book called FINISH!

2 – Set a date. Give yourself a deadline and then work backwards. How much do you need to complete daily to finish on time or even ahead of schedule?

3 – Find the time to do something daily, even a little something. Go with your optimal waking hours… if you are a morning person, wake up an hour earlier. If you are a night owl then burn that midnight oil intentionally toward your goal.

4 – Give permission. Find someone you trust to hold you accountable, follow-up, “nag,” and otherwise encourage you to follow through with determined excellence.

No more excuses. Yes, it’s hard. You can do this!

I leave you with the words of my High School baseball coach…

“It’s not what you did, it’s what you’re gonna do.” – Coach Alan Stock

What are you doing reading this? Go… get to it!

#Philippians 4:13

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