No Easy Call

images-4Our calling to ministry will find us experiencing the highest highs and lowest lows. Check out this excerpt from Relevant Magazine and Shakira Hill concerning the challenging realities of a call to ministry…

“I was just 8 years old, idealistic and full of hope when God called me to use my words, through writing and speaking, to impact the world. It was my “burning bush” moment—without the actual burning bush.

What I didn’t know was God’s calling on my life would send me on a challenging yet invigorating journey. From the moment I said yes to God, life suddenly got hard. This was shocking. If I was following God’s plan and the leading of the Holy Spirit shouldn’t pursuing my God-inspired dreams have been easy?

Not exactly.

Our calling was never meant to be easy. It sounds glamorous when we talk about our dreams and all the awe-inspiring things we believe God is birthing out of us: planting a new church, starting a worship team, beginning a ministry or going on a mission trip. Yet, when we find ourselves in the middle of the desert or valley in pursuit of that calling, we can begin to question whether our dreams were actually God-inspired. Even worse, we doubt our ability to keep moving forward to see the calling through to completion.

Challenging callings have biblical precedent. Many of the great men and women who hold the pillars of the Christian faith knew what it was to respond to God’s difficult callings. Abraham was instructed to go to a land he wouldn’t know until God told him all while waiting more than 20 years for God to fulfill the promise of a son. Noah was told to build an ark, gather up two of every animal and save the last of humanity before a flood would destroy the earth (one has to wonder how Noah managed to track down every existing animal without modern technology). A young queen Esther risked her very own life and the genocide of her people when boldly confronting King Xerxes.”


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