Servant Leader,

Lesson 14: Things that are pure.

What does it mean as Christ-followers to live a pure, holy life? Two camps have always seemed rather at odds in the Family of God… those that stress what you DON’T do and those that emphasize what you DO. They are often labeled by themselves and each other as being conservative and liberal respectively. So, which is it? At the risk of being a people pleaser, I would suggest we consider both.

As you fast and pray during this 40 days, take some time to meditate and maybe even discuss with a small group Colossians 3. In these verses we see what may be called the “Put off/Put on” of our walk with Christ. In verses 1-4 we begin with, “…set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated…” Then, in verses 5-9 we are instructed to… “Put to death…” and to “…rid yourselves…” and “Do not lie…” etc. We are then guided into a longer, more detailed lesson in verses 10-17 concerning what we are to “…put on…” and “…clothe yourselves…” with as we seek to model a pure, holy life.

What is the lesson of Colossians 3? Is the Christian life meant to be lived at odds with other believers over one extreme (putting off – conservative) or the other (putting on – liberal)?  In your walk with Christ, in what ways have you been putting on the things of Christ and putting off the things of this world? Ask a trusted Christian friend or mentor, “How am I doing at balancing these two in my life? What areas would you suggest I work on to walk closer with the Lord and be a more authentic witness in the world?”

Focus on a purity only found as we surrender fully and daily to the Holy Spirit and Word, empowering us to both put on Jesus and put off self and the things of this world.



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