Servant Leader,

Lesson 12: Things that are honorable.

The word for this in the Greek is semnos and it means august, venerable, reverand; to be venerated for character, honorable. (Strongs, G4586) This is a concept that is becoming increasingly lost on a generation. Still, regardless of a person’s socio-economic standing, race, color or creed, there is still much to be said of a sense of nobility and honor. And, I believe, Christians should lead the way.

No one was more honorable and altogether noble while facing the world’s worst than Jesus. Along the way He treated rich and poor alike with respect. He met probing questions with deeper inquiry. He patiently taught and modeled before twelve men and the masses what living honorably in this world was all about. Whether praised as a prophet and promised King or as a heretic and criminal, He remembered His true standing was before the Heavenly Father. And, He met His own trial, persecution and death with a level of honesty, courage and humility that is the epitome of honor and nobility for all time.

During this 40 days of prayer and fasting, I know I must ask myself… “How can I think, speak and act more honorably in a dishonorable world? Am I meeting the challenges in my life, especially the challenging people, with a Christ-centered sense of honesty, courage and nobility? How can I focus more on honor and honorable things? Who in my life could benefit from a little more honor on my part?”

Ask God for the grace to live honorably, to remember your standing with the Heavenly Father and to think, speak and act with humble nobility.



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