On Mission

Servant Leaders,

God has given us a mission. We call it the Great Commission and it takes on many forms as the greater Body of Christ seeks to fulfill its mandate. Our challenge comes with the temptation to live and lead off mission, becoming overwhelmed with maintenance. Call it the classic “tyranny of the urgent” but by any other definition it is frustrating to feel as though you and your lead teams are constantly spread too thin, distracted by the demands of others and the ever-increasing pace of culture. Is there another way? Can you break out of this crazy cycle?

The following is a great resource for getting back to or on mission for the very first time. www.missional.org is the host site for a ministry dedicated to helping Christian leaders, especially pastors, transform their lives and ministries from maintenance to mission. Milfred Minatrea is the founder of the Missional Church Center and author of “Shaped by God’s Heart – The Passion and Practices of Missional Churches.” I want to recommend Milfred and his ministry to you today.

Not long ago I got on to the Missional Church Center site and took a brief survey concerning the practices of missional churches. Not only did I receive a detailed assessment of the results, Milfred himself followed up with an email and even took the time to call, share encouragement, advice, and pray over me with the passion of a servant leader who has been there. Needless to say I am grateful he took the time to invest in my life when I could have just been another nameless survey. I will continue using the many resources available through his ministry site, recommending them and his ministry to others.

As always, I would love to partner with you in some way to see your lead team and ministry live and serve Jesus Christ with clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. Whether you need help establishing a vision or mission statement, discovering a set of values that will guide and guard that vision, or starting a prayer ministry that will be the power behind it all, let me know how I can come alongside and encourage you today. And, again, do yourself a favor and get in touch with Milfred and the Missional Church Center and see how this powerful ministry can help you go from maintenance to mission in your own life.

On Mission,


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