Thanks, Pastor!

Dear Servant Leaders,

“Elders who do their work well should be respected and paid well, especially those who work hard at both preaching and teaching.” I Timothy 5:17

Pastors and their families are very special people. If I were to take the time and space to list all of those who have influenced my life… there wouldn’t be enough time or space! What I would like to do is to remind you to make a special effort to honor your favorite pastor in a personal and purposeful way before this Pastor’s Appreciation Month is over, and to issue a challenge to us all.

Here’s the challenge… plan on surprising your pastor sometime in the coming year in addition to the annual Pastor’s Appreciation Month of October (Think restaurant gift cards, gas cards, game tickets, weekend get-a-way with spouse, etc!) . Here is what I have experienced over the years having had the joy to serve with so many wonderful pastors… they are amazing burden bearers. Think about it for a moment.

In addition to the everyday burdens they carry right along with everyone else, they feel the very real weight of the following: the call to missions (from local to global needs); national & regional cultural changes; community involvement; vision casting, leadership development, preaching, teaching, counseling, visiting, modeling Christ in all things on the local level and an increasing amount of criticism and opposition while they do all the above. Still, they just keep serving. 

Check out I’m not usually much of a NY Times fan, but this is an intriguing op-ed piece concerning the unique 21st pressures on pastors. 

For all the pastors reading this… THANK YOU for serving, leading and modeling Jesus Christ in so many ways! We are who we are and do what we do as a people in no small measure because of the sacrifices you and your family make each and every day!

Praising God for pastors!


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