Servant Leaders,

No one I know celebrates others like my wife. Elisabeth is the most thoughtful person I know and from the biggies like birthdays, graduations and anniversaries, to things many of us overlook like someone’s spiritual birthday or first day on a new job, she finds a way to make a memory with those she loves.  Of course, celebrating wins and/or milestones of life always has a way of causing us to pause and take stock, evaluate, think about successes and failures, hopes and hurts, and how in all things we are blessed in Christ.   

The last phase in a Coaching relationship is Review, and celebration should be no small part it! While this should be happening consistently throughout the journey, reviewing should be done as it nears completion in a more intentional and thorough way. As with the many milestones of life it is important to celebrate, remember when, take stock of visions and goals, progress and problems, and then intentionally move toward next steps and even leaps of faith as a coaching relationship reaches the Review stage! Here are a few recommended questions to ask in this final stage of a coaching relationship…

1 – What’s working? 2 – What’s not working? 3 – What are you learning? 4 – What needs to change? 5 – What else needs to be done? 6 – What further training would be helpful? 7 – What’s next in our coaching relationship?

And, of course… “What can we celebrate?”

Whether coaching a winning ministry team or an individual servant leader, remember this as your coaching relationship reaches the final stage, “Reviewing successes builds the strength and courage to take another step of faith. Never underestimate the power of taking the time to look back over past accomplishments and celebrate them. That process brings about maturity that comes with honest self-evaluation, gives us much needed encouragement for the road ahead, and provides a sense of satisfaction over a job well done.” – Logan & Carlton, Coaching 101

Don’t foget to CELEBRATE!!


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