Storm Stories

Servant Leaders,

Let’s take a look at the fourth step in a Coaching relationship, RESOURCE.

“The primary task of the coach is to FACILITATE the brainstorming, assessing, and identifying of needed resources throughout implementation.” (Coaching 101, Bob Logan and Gary Reinecke)

I remember the first week of my first lead pastorate. It started in the storm, literally. A small twister had blown through the edge of our little town and hit the home of one of our members. We got some people together and went over just as soon as the storm passed. In short, everything was everywhere! We quickly began to look over the damage, decide which things we needed to do first, and then just dove in. Fast forward a couple of weeks…

Though some scars remained, the debris had been cleaned up and hauled off and things like a new deck and storage shed were under construction. What was interesting about it all was what my friend was saying along the way… “I didn’t like where that was at, anyway!” “I’ve needed to haul that junk off for a long time!” “I like having things arranged this way better!” “You know, I never thought about putting that over there, that works great!”

Here’s the leader lesson… don’t overlook the value of a good storm. Some of our best resources (lessons, insights, perspectives, etc) come, not from another sunny day sipping lemonade in a hammock (although that sounds pretty good right now!), but from the storms that come along and make a big mess of things. Storms force us to assess, to analyze, see things in a different way and then, to take action on some things that we may not have otherwise. Sure, storms bring pain and loss. However, every storm brings about a new chapter in the story that God is writing in and through our lives.  

While I’m not recommending you turn into a “storm chaser…” what I am saying is that as you help others resource options in pursuit of God’s will and way, don’t overlook a good storm story. And, in your own life, don’t miss out on the good stuff that may be just under the mess a storm has made.

Serving with you,


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