Next Step Discipleship

Dear Servant Leader,

“And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:47b

Someone just gave their life to Jesus Christ in your small group or worship service! They are saved, redeemed, & born again! The question is… “What next?!” Right then and there do you have something tangible to answer at least some of the questions they will probably have before they get home? Enter “Next Step” Kits!

Just click the picture on the picture above to access the Next Step Discipleship website ( and watch a brief tutorial from Pastor Jon Absher to learn more. Discover how you can get in on providing a tangible resource that includes contact information, informative DVD, and most importantly, a New Believer’s Edition Bible that will address some of their most important questions and steer them God’s direction. Many State Ministries and local pastors from around the country are already on board!

Don’t let your first step strategy in discipleship be just the hope they actually show up next time. Even before you make that follow-up phone call, email, send the letter and invite them for coffee… send them home with something that says, “Welcome to the Family of God!” And,  “We are with you all the way!”

Taking Next Steps with you,


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